We’ve gone digital…

July 9th, 2009

Welcome to  Bistro 88’s new website!

Computer on Sushi

For those of you who have never met us, we are happy to have you.  A hidden gem of a family owned restaurant located just off the beaten path but within a stone’s throw of downtown, we are proud to offer a unique dining experience and excellent service.  We hope this website will help you both to find and get to know us a little.

But for those of you who do know us – our faithful patrons as it were, welcome to Bistro’s digital self.  I know it must come as a bit of a shock seeing Jeff and James finally give up their traditional values to dive into the world of blogging and social networking (yes, Jeff Liu will blog *gasp!*).  Do not fret, we are still the quirky and talented bunch we’ve always been, but we just think it’s time to start offering you more.  There will be:

  • More special dinners
  • An enhanced wine list
  • Reservation help
  • Party suggestions
  • Specials
  • Wine lessons on pairing and tasting
  • Behind the scenes looks into the kitchen
  • Recipe tips
  • Visits with Jeff to his new restaurant in China
  • Anecdotes

… and much more.  We hope to build a community with those who know us well and those still unfamiliar.

So, we invite you to subscribe to the website to receive news, updates and specials.  And don’t be shy to leave your feedback and suggestions.  After all, we are here to please. Short of cash? No problem, just visit 48 loans and get an installment loan online! Much better alternative to traditional payday loans.

Kind Regards,

The Bistro 88 Staff

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